Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Faulkner

      After looking for a home for quite some time, Kelsea and TJ came across 5 acres with a barn.  Both of them had a long historic love of horses, which initially made them want to turn the barn into stables.  After having their own wedding in the barn, their passion turned to help others have their dream wedding, moving their plans to turn the property into a wedding venue. 

     The couple first met at The Keg, a small bar in Murray, Kentucky.  After TJ paid her way in, Kelsea later went over to chat with him, resulting in nothing but a conversation.  About two weeks later, the two coincidentally met at the bar again, and from there it was history. 

     About six months later, they moved to Kelsea's hometown in Illinois, and five months after they were engaged!  The search for homes with land began, but it seemed like every property they came across it didn't work out.  When finding the barn shortly before engagement, everything fell into place.

     Two weeks after engagement they decided their barn is where they wanted to start the rest of their lives.  In only a short three months from June to September 2017, the couple, along with many friends and family, completely flipped the barn to make it everything they wanted.  

     After tying the knot at the end September 2017, many people encouraged Kelsea and TJ to take their passion to the next level and turn it into a venue.  After a long process they are finally ready to take that next step beginning the fall of 2018!  

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